Professional XPS slabs of increased strength used for thermal insulation of basements, operated roofs, loaded floors and foundations of transportation facilities

Extruded polystyrene TECHNONICOL CARBON SOLID 500 is a high-performance material widely used in buildings and constructions while arranging the thermal insulation of basements, operated roofs and loaded floors. Also used for thermal insulation of foundations of transportation facilities.

Record high compressive stress performance of the material at deformation makes TECHNONICOL CARBON SOLID 500 the best choice for the most important and complicated projects.

TECHNONICOL CARBON SOLID 500 is a thermal insulation material with uniformly distributed closed cells, which does not swell, shrink or absorb water. It is chemically resistant and is not a subject to putrefaction. The high strength of the material allows receiving an equal and simultaneously rigid base that essentially increases the durability of the whole thermal insulation system. It contains nanoscale carbon particles, which allow significantly increasing the thermal efficiency of the material.

Can be supplied with flat or L-shaped edges.

Product technical data

Thermal conductivity λD, W/m*K 0.028-0.034
Compressive stress at 10% deformation, kPa ≥500
Long term water absorption by immersion WL(T) 0.7, % ≤0.7
Reaction to fire - ignitability, Euroclass F
Length, mm 1180-1500 (±8)
1500-4000 (±10)
Width, mm 580-650 (±8)
Thickness, mm 40, 50, 60, 100
(-2; +3)

Thermal resistance (ASTM C177)

THICKNESS, mm 40 50 60 100
RD, m2*K/W
1.18 1.47 1.77 2.94
RD, m2*K/W
40 1.18
50 1.47
60 1.77
100 2.94