Ready to use solvent-based adhesive polymer-bitumen mastic

Ready to use adhesive bitumen mastic TECHNONICOL FIXER presents a mix of high-quality bitumen, special polymers, additives, fillers and organic solvents. The mastic provides excellent adhesion of bitumen-based materials (e.g. roofing shingles, polymer-bitumen membranes) to the application surface, thus reliably seals the overlaps and connections.

Mastic TECHNONICOL FIXER is used for:

  • adhesion of bitumen-based materials to different types of surfaces (wood, metal, concrete, brick, ceramic, etc.);
  • sealing joints, penetrations, overlaps, connections made with the use of bitumen-based materials.

The mastic is applied to a surface by spatula. Consumption depends on the type of work performed, but usually does not exceed the layer of 1 mm. Application temperature range is from -10°С to +40°С. At a temperature below +5°С keep the mastic in a warm room for at least 24 hours. Drying time under standard conditions is not more than 24 hours.

The product should be stored in a dry place protected from direct sunlight at temperatures from -20°C to +30°C. Shelf life – 18 months.

Product technical data

Adhesion strength with concrete, MPa ≥0.5
Adhesion strength with metal, MPa ≥0.8
Adhesion strength between bitumen material – bitumen material, MPa ≥0.5
Adhesion strength between bitumen material – concrete, MPa ≥0.5
Shear strength of the adhesive bond, kN/m ≥4.0
Mass fraction of non-volatile substances, % ≥75
Heat resistance, °C ≥110
Consumption for installation of 1 layer, kg/m² 1.0
Package volume buckets of 3.6 and 12 kg, cartridge of 310 ml