Surafce applied crystalline waterproofing coating

TECHNONONICOL CA 112 is a surface applied crystalline waterproofing treatment for concrete structures that is used to protect against the ingress of water. It is a dry powder which is formulated by proprietary blends of chemicals (mainly organic and inorganic salts), quartz, sand and cement and which when mixed with water becomes a coating that is applied to the inner or outer side of a concrete structure.


TECHNONICOL CA 112 is used to waterproof areas as indicated below:

  • Basement floors and retaining walls
  • Concrete flat roofs
  • Water retaining structures
  • Lift pits
  • Swimming pools
  • Reservoirs
  • Secondary contamination structures
  • Tunnels and subway systems
  • Precast, cast- in- place and shotcrete application


PropertiesPerformanceTest method
Appearance Grey/off white Visual
Mixed density, kg/l 1.8±0.02 ASTM D1475
Pot life, minutes 45 -
Tensile strength, Mpa >2 ASTM D412
Elongation, % >50 ASTM D412
Adhesion strength to concrete, Mpa >1.5 ASTM D4541
Crack bridging, mm >1.5 ASTM D836
Hydrostatic pressure@5 bar(50m) No leakage BS EN 12390 Part 8
Toxicity Non toxic IS 6582
Application of second layer after, h 4-6 -
Drying time, h 6-8 -
Full cure, days 7 -