Four-layer energy-saving reinforced vapor barrier film with aluminium coating

TECHNONICOL ALPHA BARRIER 4.0 film is used to create vapor barrier on pitched and flat roofs, floors and walls of frame houses. Can be applied in buildings with any interior humidity conditions, including humid and wet interiors.

TECHNONICOL ALPHA BARRIER 4.0 is a four-layer energy-saving reinforced polyethylene film with an aluminium coating protected by a transparent polyester covering. It has the following advantages:

  • The aluminium layer provides excellent protection against water vapor ingress into the thermal insulation and structure in general though increasing its service life without repair;
  • It also contributes to energy saving while reflecting a significant portion of thermal energy inside the house, thus reducing air conditioning and heating costs;
  • Mesh reinforcement and increased surface density ensure high strength of the film, enabling it to withstand loads of thermal insulation and shrinkage of structural elements;
  • The material demonstrates outstanding elasticity even under the temperatures below zero.

Product technical data

Surface density, g/m2 180±5%
Tensile strength L / T, N/50 mm ≥450 / ≥450
Vapor permeability, Sd coefficient, m 150
Watertightness at 60 kPa for 24 hours Class W1
UV resistance, months ≥2
Length, m 50±5%
Width, m 1.5±1%