Hybrid Polyurea Membrane for waterproofing and coating

TECHNONICOL ULTRATHANE SUPER is a two-component Hybrid polyurea polyurethane that forms a continuous, solid, 100% waterproof membrane without joints or overlaps and completely adhered to the base. Suitable for waterproofing, protection and sealing in general. Due to its liquid application, it is ideal for repair or recoating on top of other PU/polyurea membranes range, once these are already cured.


TECHNONICOL ULTRATHANE SUPER is used for waterproofing and protection of:

  • Walkable roofs.
  • Terraces, balconies, and overhangs.
  • Metal roofs & Asbestos roofs.
  • Other PU / polyurea membranes.


Density at 23ºC, g/cm³ (ISO 1675) 1.10±0.02
Solids content, % (ISO 1768) 100
Fire reaction, Euro class F
Hardness Shore A at 23ºC (ASTM D2240) >85
Hardness Shore D at 23ºC (ASTM D2240) >40
Tear strength at 23ºC, N/mm (ASTM D 624) 45±10
Tensile strength at 23ºC, MPa (ASTM D 412) 15±2
Service temperature range -30°C- 90°C
Elongation at break at 23ºC, % (ASTM D 412) 450±100
Adherence to concrete, MPa, (ASTM D4541) ≥2
Static crack bridging ability, mm (ASTM D 836) ≥2
Tack free Time at 27°C, 65% R.H., Sec 5-7
Curing time at 23ºC, h ±12
Packaging, drums(A+B), kg 210-250