Glueing foam TECHNONICOL 500

Single-component professional polyurethane glue foam

Glueing foam TECHNONICOL 500 is a single-component professional polyurethane material with enhanced adhesion to various surfaces. The multipurpose glueing foam supplied in aerosol cans is suitable both for outdoor and indoor works. It has good resistance to moisture, mold and ageing, as well as excellent adhesion to concrete, cement plaster and other mineral surfaces, wood, chipboard, OSB, brick, metal, mosaic cladding, etc. (excluding polyethylene, silicone and Teflon). Does not contain substances that deplete the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

Glueing foam TECHNONICOL 500 is used for:

  • quick and durable fixation of stone wool, PIR, XPS and EPS boards when arranging external and internal thermal insulation systems;
  • fixation of decorative panels made of wood, plastic, tin, etc.;
  • glueing plasterboard panels, OSB and plywood in dry construction systems;
  • sealing gaps between thermal insulation boards.

Product technical data

Weight of can, g 740±10
Volume of emitted foam, m² up to 12
Tack-free time at (23±5)°С, min ≤10
Total curing time, h ≤24
Adhesion strength with concrete, MPa ≥0.15
Adhesion strength with metal, MPa ≥0.07
Adhesion strength with wood, MPa ≥0.15
Adhesion strength with XPS, MPa ≥0.13
Adhesion strength with PVC membrane, MPa ≥0.07
Color Blue