FPO/TPA synthetic waterproofing membrane with structured surface for two-layer underground waterproofing systems.

Synthetic waterproofing membrane produced by co-extruding a uniform highly flexible elastomerised polyolefin alloy. The membrane features contrasting colours on its upper and lower faces, providing a signal layer so that any damage occurring during or after installation will be immediately apparent. The upper side is structured for the implementation of injectable partitioned waterproofing systems that can be inspected. It is not UV resistant. SINTOFOIL ST WPS ST membranes comply with CE marking requirements, if applicable.

Fields of application

Specific use

SINTOFOIL ST WPS ST membrane is recommended for waterproofing of structures:

  • foundations;
  • retaining walls.


Features EN Standards U.M. Tolerance Values
Standard thickness 1849-2 mm (-5/+10%) 2,0
Appearance of upper surface Structured
Density 1849-2 kg/m² (-5/+10%) 1,80
Tensile properties
Tensile strength L/T 12311-2/ISO 527 N/mm² 15 / 15
Elongation at break L/T 12311-2/ISO 527 % 600 / 600
Dimensional stability 1107-2 % ≤ 0.5
Cold flexibility 495 °C ≤ -40 (3)
Tear resistance L/T 12310/1 N 650 / 600
Resistance to static loading 12730/B kg ≥ 25 (*)
Water tightness (60kPa-EN 1928) 1928 Absolute
Joint strength
Tensile strength 12317-2 N/cm Compliant (specimen fails outside bond area)
Peeling 12316-2 N/cm ≥ 58
Waterproofing after thermal ageing 1926-EN 1928 Passes the test at 60 kPa
Resistance to algae and microorganisms ISO 846 Level 2 Compliant
Root resistance 13948 Passes the test


(2) Tolerances as per EN 13967.
(3) Not tested at lower temperatures


Thickness (*) mm 2,0
Width m 2,10
Length (*) m 20
Standard colour (*) Beige / Black

(*) Different thicknesses, lengths and colours are available on demand and for minimum quantities