A surface treatment system for protecting concrete and masonry

TECHNONICOL TECHNOCRETE is an acrylic-based polymer modified cementitious flexible composite coating system. TECHNONICOL TECHNOCRETE in conjunction with cement provides properties to combat the shortcomings of plain cement, particularly its poor adhesion properties, low impact strength, low flexural strength, and thin section fragility. TECHNONICOL TECHNOCRETE polymer adds to the potential use as well as enhances the properties of cement slurry, mortar or concrete making it excellent choice for use in new as well as renovation work.


TECHNONICOL TECHNOCRETE is used for surface treatment, protecting, waterproofing, and repairing concrete and masonry. Waterproofing of basements, wet rooms, terraces, roofs, swimming pools, water towers etc. General concrete repairs. Protection of concrete against corrosion, salt attack etc.


PropertiesPerformanceTest method
Appearance milky white coloured free flowing liquid Visual
Viscosity, sec 12±1 IS 101
Solid content, (w/w) 30±3 IS 101
Parameter of pH, value >7 IS 9103
14 days bond strength, N/mm2 (min or concrete failure) 2.0 ASTM C 882-87
28 days compressive strength, N/mm2 (min) 30 IS 516
Recoating time at 27°С and 65% pH, h 4-6 IS 101
Full cure, days 14 IS 101
Ash content, % (w/w) <1.0 IS 101
Volatile organic matter (VOC), % (w/w) <1.0 IS 101