Research and development

TECHNONICOL has six scientific research and development centers located close to the production sites and number of laboratories to test new materials.

TECHNONICOL – Materials Research

TECHNONICOL scientists are focused on the study of the performance of building materials, prevention of their ageing, increasing the possibilities of application by expanding the operating temperature range, developing additional functions, such as air purification, resistance to moss growth or increasing energy-effectiveness.

The main activities of the R&D centers are:

Laboratories on the factories operate on the base of modern equipment, which is used to study the physical and mechanical characteristics of materials in a wide temperature range, determine the structure and composition of raw materials, test the durability of materials.

Unique chromatograph equipment is used to determine the composition of bitumen for the production of roofing materials and optimal selection of type and amount of modifying additives.

The artificial climate chamber is used to study the ageing process of materials. The method gives the possibility to predict waterproofing materials performance after many years of exploitation on the roof in just 2 or 3 months of testing.

TECHNONICOL – Materials Research

Fire-safe building materials and construction systems are one of the major priorities of TECHNONICOL. Roofing waterproofing membranes comply with strict European fire safety requirements. Bitumen and synthetic membranes are capable to resist flames and correspond to E class. Roofing systems are tested to evaluate the fire performance and meets the criteria for the Broof classification.

Research and implementation of advanced technologies allow TECHNONICOL to bring new products and many product variations depending on needs of customer each year.

In cooperation with research and development centers, factories have obtained a number of product certificates issued by many prestigious institutes around the world.