Single-layer roofing shingles

For a good-looking, economical and reliable solution, single-layer roofing shingles remain the most popular roofing material. Whether you are a residential homeowner looking for the classic shingles look or a commercial property owner interested in traditional shingles, TECHNONICOL's diverse array of single-layer roofing shingles provides exceptional performance while meeting all quality and design standards.

Single-layer roofing shingles


Single-layer roofing shingles: uses and benefits

For roofs pitched greater than 12 degrees, single-layer roofing shingles are the most sensible and economical option. TECHNONICOL’s roofing shingles stand out among classic, single-layer roofing shingles for their fantastic performance features. These single-layer roofing shingles can endure an incredible temperature range from -70 to +80 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the adhesive strip at the bottom of the shingles, there is complete prevention of water or wind penetration during the life of the shingle. These shingles are algae and fire-resistant as well as extremely durable with regard to impacts and tensile stress, providing exceptional longevity throughout the life of the shingle as well as enhanced safety features. Owing to the basalt granules incorporated with the bitumen binder, TECHNONICOL’s shingles come in an incredible array of colors that do not fade throughout the decades.

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