The foundation of TECHNONICOL Corporation


The first office opens in Moscow


TECHNONICOL Corporation launches its first in-house production of bitumen roll-fed roofing and waterproofing materials at the former Roofing Felt Plant in Vyborg. Today the plant TECHNONICOL-Vyborg is one of the main export enterprises of the Corporation; it supplies up to 65% of its products to the foreign markets.


TECHNONICOL expands its product line of bitumen waterproofing membranes and opens new sales offices.


The Company starts active investment campaign of acquisitions and construction of new production facilities.


Rybinsk Roofing Materials Plant KROMA founded in 1935 becomes part of TECHNONICOL.


The plant Technoflex is constructed in Ryazan; the enterprise began operations in July 1999.


The Company acquires Roofing Felt Plant in Uchaly. By the end of the 20th century, TECHNONICOL Corporation owns 5 production facilities and 35 sales offices in different regions of the Russian Federation.


TECHNONICOL Corporation includes Roofing Felt Plant located in Novoulyanovsk. The facility has soon become a leader among manufacturers of torch-on roofing and waterproofing materials in the Volga region.

After becoming the part of the Company, the plant Minvody-Krovlya is reborn. A large-scale modernization is carried out: the production line is reconstructed with the replacement and addition of several units from the leading European suppliers, technological processes are optimized, the infrastructure is changed, manual labour is completely eliminated.


The Company's management decides to expand the range of products for the construction market. To develop the segment of pitched roofing materials, TECHNONICOL acquires the first foreign entity Gargzdu MIDA in Lithuania and launches the production of roofing shingles under “SHINGLAS” brand. The plant founded in 1960 was the only factory in the Baltic States producing shingles of different colors, modifications, thickness and cutting patterns, as well as polymer-bitumen membranes for flat roofs.


The Corporation extends the geography of business and supplies its high-quality bitumen roofing and waterproofing materials to a number of European countries.


The plant TechnoTOP is built in Voskresensk on the territory of the former factory of phosphate mineral fertilizers. At the same time, Nizhny Novgorod Roofing Felt Plant becomes part of TECHNONICOL.

The Company acquires the plant AKSI producing stone wool for insulating the roofs of industrial and civil buildings and establishes its own product line under the brand “TECHNO”. In the same year, the production of bitumen primers and mastics is launched, which makes it possible to carry out complex supplies of waterproofing and thermal insulation materials to the projects.

TECHNONICOL Corporation becomes one of the five largest European manufacturers of waterproofing materials. The share of export in 2003 reaches 30% of the total amount of materials produced.


The first proprietary Research and Development Center opens in 2004 to test and introduce innovative materials to the market.

It becomes possible to establish stable supplies of SHINGLAS roofing shingles throughout the country thanks to the construction of the largest bitumen shingles plant in Russia located in Ryazan — a joint venture with the Spanish company Chova.

The modernization of the production line for roofing shingles finishes at Gargzdu MIDA plant in Lithuania. That allows reducing the self-cost of the materials due to an increase in production volumes and expanding the range of products. It also contributes to an increase in the supply of roofing shingles and other modern construction materials to the CIS and Baltic countries, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria as well as to the start of export to Germany and the Scandinavian countries.


The enterprise Krovlya in Osipovichi (Belarus) becomes part of TECHNONICOL Corporation. Today the plant with an annual capacity of more than 57 million square meters of polymer-bitumen membranes supplies over 60% of its products for export to many countries around the globe.

The Company starts the production of its own raw materials. The first in Russia automated plant StroyMineral for the production of roofing slate is launched in the village of Slantsy, Beloretsk District. The plant NICOglass in Voskresensk becomes operational for the manufacturing of fiberglass – a non-woven material made from evenly distributed glass fibers.

TECHNONICOL carries out international certification of modern roll-fed roofing materials PRIMA and MIDA, specially designed for export to European countries.

By the end of 2005, TECHNONICOL takes the first place in Europe in terms of production of roofing membranes. Branches of the Corporation are open in all CIS countries. A new office is founded in Warsaw (Poland). The first supplies to Asia for the total sum of 4 million USD reaches Mongolia, China and South Korea.


The Corporation is actively increasing its capacity for the production of thermal insulation materials, therefore contributing to the growth of the energy efficiency of the construction industry.

On the base of Ryazan production cluster, the Company launches the largest in the CIS complex for the production of stone wool thermal insulation made of basalt rocks – the plant TECHNO with a total area of more than 300 thousand square meters. The construction of a plant becomes one of the most promising projects of TECHNONICOL and allows not only to strengthen its position as one of the largest manufacturers of thermal insulation but also to become one of the leaders in this segment in the domestic market. Currently, the enterprise produces over 3 million cubic meters of mineral thermal insulation on 3 production lines annually.

In response to the growing market needs, the Corporation starts the production and supply of extruded polystyrene slabs under “TECHNOPLEX” brand. Two new plants with a total capacity of 600 thousand cubic meters per year significantly fulfil the needs of builders in a thermal insulation material with high strength and almost zero water absorption rate.

In the same year, TECHNONICOL expands the boundaries of its presence in Europe by opening official representative offices in the capitals of Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Turkey.


The Company acquires the plant Bazalit-DV, the largest manufacturer of mineral insulation in the Eastern part of Russia founded in 1964. The following modernization includes improvement of the production technology and methods of incoming quality control of raw materials (fraction size, acidity modulus, moisture). In addition, the facility expands the product range with thermal and sound insulation materials for private housing construction.

The plant TECHNO constructed in Zainsk begins to work in order to meet consumer demand and provide innovative solutions to improve the quality of construction. The facility is equipped with two high-tech production lines, which currently have a capacity of 2.3 million cubic meters of stone wool thermal insulation per year.


The construction of the stone wool plant TECHNONICOL-Siberia finishes in Yurga. Located within the city limits, the plant is an environmentally friendly production equipped with its own water and air purification complexes as well as a waste processing unit capable of utilizing up to 150 tons per day.

The successful implementation of investment projects allows TECHNONICOL Corporation to enter the top three Russian leaders in the market of thermal insulation materials.

TECHNONICOL launches the first full-cycle plant in Russia for the production of LOGICROOF polymer membranes – modern waterproofing materials that are in constant demand in the segment of pre-fabricated buildings.

Dehtochema, the manufacturer of bitumen waterproofing materials in the Czech Republic, becomes part of the Company. Currently, it is the oldest plant of TECHNONICOL Corporation that was founded in 1868 in the Czech town Bela pod Bezdezem.


The Company successfully overcomes the crisis in the global economy, maintaining and even strengthening its positions in the key markets.

As a result of the modernization at the stone wool plant AKSI in Chelyabinsk, TECHNONICOL starts the production of non-flammable wired mats used in industrial construction as thermal and sound insulation of high-temperature equipment, piping, gas ducts and electrostatic precipitators.

The Corporation invests in knowledge and skills of builders, applicators and architects by opening well-equipped training centers in Moscow and Kazan.


TECHNONICOL becomes one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of roofing, waterproofing, thermal and sound insulation materials. The Corporation includes 35 factories in Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and the Czech Republic, its own sales network of 120 branches and representative offices in 33 countries.

A new line for the production of PLANTER dimpled HDPE membranes is launched at LOGICROOF plant in Ryazan.

The Corporation joins the Association of Wooden House Building, the Association of Russian Manufacturers of High-Quality Thermal Insulation “Rosizol”, and also becomes a member of the Board of the National Roofing Union.


The Company starts developing new product lines: gutter systems, new generation extruded polystyrene with graphite particles under the brand of “TECHNONICOL CARBON”, underlay membranes for pitched roofs, new series of waterproofing mastics and primers.

The production of PVC waterstops used for sealing of construction concrete joints and expansion joints starts at LOGICROOF plant in Ryazan.

TECHNONICOL receives the esteemed National Prize NAMIX as the Best Manufacturer in the Sphere of Insulating Materials.


The Corporation is actively expanding its manufacturing capacities. The plant in Dneprodzerzhinsk launches a new line for the production of thermal insulation based on extruded polystyrene. The same production starts at the plant in Novoulyanovsk after the significant modernization. The construction of the 7th XPS plant of the Corporation completed in Yurga. The third line for polymer-bitumen roofing and waterproofing materials launches at the plant TECHNONICOL-Vyborg.

At the same time, the Company pays close attention to improving professionalism in the construction industry. New training centers open in Saint Petersburg, Khabarovsk and Kiev (Ukraine). In a single year, more than 10 thousand specialists participated in theoretical seminars and practical courses on a base of 8 training centers of the Company.

TECHNONICOL becomes the winner of the Construction Industry Professional 2012 Award.


More production facilities are launched in Ryazan cluster. The second plant SHINGLAS opens with the state-of-art equipment, including the most advanced automatic inline laminator. The annual capacity of the factory is 40 million square meters of roofing shingles, which is equal to approximately 200 thousands of roofs of private houses every year.

In the same year, the Corporation acquires one of the largest manufacturers of waterproofing materials in Italy – Italiana Membrane. The acquisition expands the range of products and technologies, as well as significantly increases the export of the materials to the countries of Southern Europe, North and Latin America, the Middle East and Scandinavia. The total production capacity of the enterprise exceeds 20 million square meters of polymer-bitumen membranes annually.

In addition, new production lines are installed at the existing facilities: extruded polystyrene line at Bazalit-DV plant in Khabarovsk, two synthetic membrane lines at LOGICROOF plant in Ryazan and polymer-bitumen road binder line at the plant in Novoulyanovsk.

The Company supplies its premium-quality materials and complex solutions for the construction of the key sports facilities of the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi and the World Universiade 2013 in Kazan.


TECHNONICOL Corporation acquires 100% of the shares of IMPER Group – another leading manufacturer of construction materials in Italy, which includes two companies: IMPER ITALIA and EURODUE. For over 50 years of experience and constant evolution IMPER Group has been producing a wide range of polymer-bitumen, PVC and TPO membranes well-known around the world and targeted at countries with both hot and cold climates – the share of export makes 40%.

A new factory PLANTER with a total capacity of 6 million square meters of dimpled HDPE membranes per year is put into operation in Uchaly. In the same place opens the plant StroyMineral with a modern crushing complex and a painting line for the production of up to 50 thousand tons of colored basalt granules for roofing shingles annually.

The Company invests more than 50 million USD in the construction of a mineral thermal insulation plant in Belarus and begins the supplies of extruded polystyrene to Europe.

TECHNONICOL opens its branch in Beijing, China.


The launching of the PIR plant with an annual capacity of 30 million square meters in Ryazan makes it possible for the Company to influence the configuration of the market in regions of presence by offering an up-to-date thermal insulation material to its partners. The production line combines the highest American and European standards for product quality, processing and packaging capabilities. While designing the line, TECHNONICOL specialists provided a unique feature – the production of slabs with a slope.

TECHNONICOL triples the volume of stone wool production in the Urals with a new line launched at the plant TECHNO in Chelyabinsk in order to meet the needs of the local builders, as well as to increase exports to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The Company's general export potential is growing both in the European and Asian markets; the products are supplied to 70 countries of the world.

TECHNONICOL Corporation, a global leader in roofing and waterproofing solutions, is thrilled to announce the successful opening of its office in Mumbai, India on January 21st, 2015. This new facility provides a comprehensive selection of services for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Our highly experienced professionals guarantee that customers receive the highest quality products for all applications, as well as a full range of support services. This strategic geographical move further solidifies TECHNONICOL's position as one of the foremost providers of roofing and waterproofing systems in the Asia-Pacific Region. With its expansion into Mumbai, India, TECHNONICOL is dedicated to delivering dependable, cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to local conditions and requirements.


TECHNONICOL enters the glass wool market by acquiring the plant Superglass in Sterling, Scotland, that was founded in 1987 and is currently the UK’s largest manufacturer of glass wool thermal insulation. The enterprise places great emphasis on sustainability and makes 84% of its products from recycled glass.

The Company opens two new sites for the production of stone wool with a total capacity of 2 million cubic meters per year: the plant TECHNO in Rostov-on-Don and the plant TECHNONICOL-Dalniy Vostok in Khabarovsk. At the same time, the line for mineral substrates launches at the Ryazan plant. The expansion of capacities contributes to a twofold increase in export supplies of stone wool thermal insulation.

The opening of the plant for the production of single-component polyurethane foams in Ryazan production cluster becomes a landmark event for the industry. The installed line with a capacity of more than 40 cylinders per minute is custom-made by a Swiss company Pamasol. The plant becomes the 50th production facility of the Corporation.

TECHNONICOL continues investing in the craftsmanship of the applicators: modern training centers open in Yekaterinburg and Kazan. In the same year, Project-Settlement Center starts its activity.

The Company's products and construction solutions are supplied to more than 80 countries of the world, including such new markets as Thailand, New Zealand, Canada and Iran.


TECHNONICOL is intensively developing new product divisions by launching the gutter systems plant in Ryazan and the concrete additives plant in Voskresensk.

Sergey Kolesnikov, TECHNONICOL Corporation founding member and managing partner, acquires Börner plant in Germany. The family-owned company Börner has been in the waterproofing market for over 100 years. The plant was founded in 1882, successfully survived two World Wars and has taken a strong position in the construction industry. The company is constantly introducing modern technologies and recipes and specializes in the production of roll-fed polymer-bitumen membranes, coatings and mixtures, which meet the strictest European requirements.

The Corporation also masters new sales markets: the geography of building materials supplies increases to 95 countries. The export of stone wool substrates increases by 10 times. All of that results in TECHNONICOL becoming one of the largest exporters of the Russian Federation while being the first among manufacturers of construction materials.

The Company develops new energy-efficient technologies and presents its own integrated system The HOUSE TECHNONICOL to the investors, contractors, architects and applicators, who are interested in buildings with an optimal balance of price and energy-saving benefits.


TECHNONICOL closes the deal of the acquisition of 100% of shares belonging to ZNOiM JSC, a stone wool plant in Belgorod with an annual capacity of 1.5 million cubic meters, which was previously part of IZOVOL Group of Companies.

The Corporation receives a lot of prestigious awards, among which stands the Award for Environmental Responsibility in recognition of merit in the field of environmental management on the production facilities. A lot of the Company’s plants also receive Awards for Labour Productivity that in average exceeds 250 thousand USD per employee.

Co-owner of TECHNONICOL Corporation Sergey Kolesnikov receives the Grand Prix of the most respected international competition for entrepreneurs "Entrepreneur of the Year", while the Company is additionally awarded in the "Industry" category.


TECHNONICOL enters a new market segment by launching the 10th facility in Ryazan production cluster – the construction film plant with a capacity of 100 million square meters of finished products annually. The factory manufactures high-performance diffusion membranes and innovative vapor barrier films under the brand “TECHNONICOL ALPHA”.

The Corporation also opens the construction chemistry plant BOERNER on the territory of the Special Economic Zone Alabuga. The plant is built in accordance with the highest environmental safety standards. A total volume of investments in the construction of the first stage amounted to 10 million USD.

In the same year, a new XPS plant is launched in the city of Osipovichi (Belarus).

One more time TECHNONICOL expands the geography of supplies by adding 21 new markets – the Company’s construction materials are shipped to 116 countries around the world. The share of importing countries in Asia and Africa rises to 25% and 16%, respectively.

The plant TECHNONICOL-Vyborg (former Tienhaara Roofing Felt Plant) celebrates its 100th anniversary.


Despite the raging COVID-19 crisis, which strongly affected most spheres of the global economy and significantly decreased the construction pace almost in every country around the world, the sustainable growth of TECHNONICOL Corporation continues.

The Company puts into operation a plant for the production of plastic gutter systems on the territory of advanced development "Khabarovsk". The plant will annually produce up to 3 thousand tons of finished products, including gutters and pipes, which restore their shape after deforming loads. At the same time, TECHNONICOL launches a program for the processing of polymers: used gutter, cornice and facade systems made from PVC. The pilot project is implemented at a gutter systems plant in Ryazan and just a month later – at a new production facility in Khabarovsk.

A new production of substrates for greenhouses – cubes and mats for hydroponic plant cultivation – begins at the stone wool factory in Zainsk.

TECHNONICOL starts supplies of its premium-quality construction materials to Australia, increases the export of thermal insulation boards LOGICPIR to New Zealand and boosts the presence of multilayer roofing shingles in South-East Asia. The first delivery of XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON reaches the Republic of Chile.


The Company has completed the construction of a mineral insulation plant with an annual capacity of 1.3 million cubic meters in the European Union. The Polish TECHNONICOL enterprise became the first sizeable domestic production facility built from scratch over 20 years in this macroregion. At the same time, the Corporation has completed the acquisition of Chesterfelt (Derbyshire, England), a well-known manufacturer of bitumen roofing and waterproofing materials in the United Kingdom. The Company's assets have included a plant with a capacity of 9 million square meters of finished products per year.

TECHNONICOL announces the start of the manufacturing of vinyl siding. The used technology allows the production of material with excellent performance characteristics to retain its brightness and color saturation for at least 15 years. Vinyl siding can be used in any climatic conditions: it can withstand a wide temperature range of -50 to +50 °C.

The list of TECHNONICOL innovative products has also been expanded with cryogenic technical insulation PIR CRYO used for the construction and modernization of gas industry facilities and new stone wool substrates for greenhouses SPEELAND ECO with a unique and patented composition including biopolymer binder.

We continue writing our story with your valued support and participation. More achievements to come!