The key to the successful activity of TECHNONICOL resides in the high quality of research and control before, during and after production processes. Export plants of TECHNONICOL have passed UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 certification and strictly comply with the quality standards determined by these international requirements.

TECHNONICOL – Production Improvement

All plants of TECHNONICOL are committed to continuous improvement of pollution prevention and compliance with relevant environmental legislation.

Our production capacities and equipment give us an ability to supply materials for large construction projects and to develop unique products based on individual requirements. Competence of employees, professional technical consultations, development of new materials in our own R&D centers, quality of products and solutions – all of these allow TECHNONICOL to approach each client individually and help us to meet every customer’s expectations and needs.

Improved customer service is also one of our priority principles. The leadership of TECHNONICOL products on the waterproofing market is achieved not only due to the quality of products we produce, but also to a high level of technical support.