PU foams by TECHNONICOL with the stable formulation and increased content of closed pores are used for a variety of different tasks: thermal and sound insulation of joints of window and door frames, filling cavities, gaps and cracks, glueing of thermal insulation boards and other building materials, arranging spray foam insulation, etc. Polyurethane foams by TECHNONICOL have an optimal ratio of the large primary volume, curing time and density that guarantees the high speed of application and durability.

Polyurethane foams are modern and user-friendly materials to help solve a wide range of tasks in construction. They are easy to use, safe for humans and the environment, after curing they have high mechanical strength, and significantly accelerate installation works. TECHNONICOL offers single-component PU foam products that are cured by moisture, have a stable formulation, a large primary expansion, and an increased content of closed pores. Expanding foam provides excellent thermal and sound insulation, does not create excessive pressure on structural elements, and has excellent adhesion to concrete, brick, wood, metal, etc.

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