Construction films TECHNONICOL ALPHA are the embodiment of innovative technologies and solutions introduced by our proprietary R&D center. The new range of products has been developed to meet the strictest requirements of architects, builders, applicators and clients. Construction films we offer are divided into two main groups according to their area of application: diffusion membranes for removal of excess moisture and protection of the thermal insulation from water, wind and dust, and vapor barrier films that are used for vapor insulation on roofs, floors and walls of buildings and structures.

Diffusion membranes

Vapor barrier films

Where there are wood and water, there will be mold, bacteria and eventual rotting, as well as wetting of the thermal insulation. In high humidity regions, frequently found throughout India and other warm climates, preventing water infiltration from precipitation or condensation is imperative to preserving the structural integrity of a home's roof and walls. In this relation, vapor barriers help to control the infiltration of water vapor where there are large humidity extremes, while diffusion membranes promote excretion of humidity from the thermal insulation layer. TECHNONICOL offers a variety of high-quality construction films that provide optimal protection for the built environment.

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