Pre-applied HDPE membrane that bonds to poured concrete

ULTRABASE PA is a high-performance pre-applied HDPE membrane designed for waterproofing of foundations, tunnels and other engineering structures. The material represents composite sheets of thick HDPE film with a special adhesive compound that reacts with a wet mortar and gives an excellent integral bonding. The waterproofing membrane bonds directly to the concrete, thus sealing it and preventing any ingress of water around the structure, even in cases of soil sedimentation. ULTRABASE PA membrane does not require protection before backfilling.


  • Highly reactive adhesive ensures complete and reliable adhesion to the concrete surface.
  • Exceptional dimensional stability, puncture, and tear resistance.
  • The membrane does not require protection before backfilling.
  • Can be used as a barrier to water, moisture, and gas.
  • Versatile area of application.
  • Suitable for different soil conditions.
  • Weather and UV resistant.
  • Strong resistance to industrial chemicals.


Thickness, mm 1.2; 1.5; 1.8
Length x width, m 20 x 1.2 / 20 x 1.5 / 20 x 2.0
Tensile strength, MPA (ASTM D 412 -2016). >25±2
Elongation, % (ASTM D 412 -2016) ≥620
Nail tear resistance, N (as per ASTM E154). ≥400
Shock performance (diameter 10±0.1 mm) No leakage
Puncture resistance, N (as per ASTM E 154) >950
Heat resistance at 70°C for 2 hours Pass
Foldability at low temperature, °C ≤-25
Lap Adhesion, N/m (ASTM D 1876) >1500
Resistance to Hydrostatic pressure, m (ASTM D 5385) >70
Peeling strength with post-cast concrete, N/m (As per ASTM D 903) ≥1500
Thermal aging (70°C for 168 hours):
Tensile retention, % Elongation ≥90
rate retention, % ≥80
Foldability at low temperature, °C ≤-23
Thermal stability:
Appearance Size No wrinkles, sliding and flow.
change, % ≤2.0