Two-Component Elastic Cement Waterproofing membrane

TECHNONICOL ULTRACHEM 2C is a two-component acrylic polymer modified elastomeric cementitious liquid applied waterproofing coating system. It is applied to concrete and mortar to prevent water infiltration. It is easy to apply on the surfaces by a stiff brush, roller or trowel to form a flexible, waterproof coating and applied before tiling in water tank, bathrooms, swimming pools, balconies or any other wet area etc, which cures to form a tough and flexible coating having excellent waterproofing properties.


  • Waterproofing terraces, tanks, swimming pools, balconies before laying ceramic tiles.
  • Waterproof coating of retaining walls and lining for concrete structures.
  • Flexible coating of prefabricated structures, micro-cracked concrete substrates, screeds, plasters.
  • Protection of concrete from the action of smoke, carbon dioxide, chlorides, sulphates.
  • Waterproofing tanks for water containment.


PropertiesPerformanceTest method
Appearance Grey/off white Visual
Mixed density, kg/l 1.8±0.02 ASTM D1475
Pot life, minutes 45 -
Tensile strength, Mpa >2 ASTM D412
Elongation, % >50 ASTM D412
Adhesion strength to concrete, Mpa >1.5 ASTM D4541
Crack bridging, mm >1.5 ASTM D836
Hydrostatic pressure@5 bar(50m) No leakage BS EN 12390 Part 8
Toxicity Non toxic IS 6582
Application of second layer after, h 4-6 -
Drying time, h 6-8 -
Full cure, days 7 -