PIR thermal insulation board

LOGICPIR is an innovative thermal insulation board made of PIR (Polyisocyanurate), which is used in flat and pitched roofing systems, floors, walls and facades. Being very rigid and perfectly flat, LOGICPIR is an ideal substrate for roofing materials. It has high compressive strength and a record low thermal conductivity value of 0.022 W/m*K.

Throughout its 50-year service life, LOGICPIR retains its qualities. It functions effectively within a temperature range from -65°C to +110°C, so it is suitable for use in any climate. PIR board does not absorb water and does not burn. A low density of the material reduces the overall weight of the construction, which is especially important for roofs renovation. Transportation costs are substantially reduced as well. Compressive strength of 120 kPa provides high resistance against deformation due to operation loads.

LOGICPIR is available with 2 types of the surface: aluminium foil or glass fiber mat. Can be supplied with flat or L-shaped edges.

Product technical data

Thermal conductivity λD (for material with aluminium foil surface), W/m*K 0.022 (20-50 mm)
0.023 (60-100 mm)
Compressive strength, kPa 120
Long term water absorption, % 1
Reaction to fire, Euroclass E
Board sizes, mm 1200x600, 2400x1200
Thickness (increments 10 mm), mm 20-100
Surface type aluminium foil or glass fiber mat

Thermal resistance (EN 12667)

THICKNESS, mm 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
RD, m2*K/W
0.95 1.43 1.90 2.38 2.86 3.33 3.81 4.29 4.76
20 0.95
30 1.43
40 1.90
50 2.38
60 2.86
70 3.33
80 3.81
90 4.29
100 4.76