Polyester reinforced TPO/FPA membrane for single-ply waterproofing of exposed flat roofs bonded on the lower face with nonwoven polyester fabric.

Synthetic waterproofing membrane produced by co-extruding a UV resistant elastomerised TPO/FPA thermoplastic olefin and flexible polypropylene alloy, with a polyester net reinforcement bonded on the lower face with nonwoven polyester fabric. The membrane features contrasting colours on its upper and lower faces, providing a signal layer so that any damage occurring during or after installation will be immediately apparent. Available in BIANCO REFLECTA version, manufactured with the upper side of the membrane (top) in WHITE REFLECTA colour, by means of a treatment developed in mass in the entire layer that covers the top of the reinforcement. This process enhances the reflectance and emission features giving the roof a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) value that reach 102%. SINTOFOIL RT FB membranes comply with CE marking requirements, if applicable.

Fields of application

Specific use

  • Mechanically retained waterproofing on exposed roofs.
  • Waterproofing layers applied independently under heavy-duty fixed or movable protection for:

    - roofing exposed to foot traffic;
    - inverted roofs.


Features EN Standards U.M. Tolerance Values
Standard thickness 1849-2 mm (-5/+10%) 1,2 1,5 1,8 2,0
Tensile properties
Tensile strength L/T 12311-2 N/50 mm 1100 / 1100
Elongation at break L/T 12311-2 % 25 / 25
Dimensional stability 1107-2 % ≤ 0.5 / 0.5
Cold flexibility 495/5 °C ≤ -40 (2)
Tear resistance L/T 12310/1 N 550 / 650 (*)
Water vapour permeability (resistance factor μ) 1931 50.000
Resistance to static loading 12730/B kg ≥ 25 (*)
Resistance to impact 12691/B mm ≥ 1800 (*)
Hail resistance 13583 m/s ≥ 30 (3)
Water tightness (60 kPa) 1928 Absolute
Joint strength
Tensile strength 12317-2 N/cm Compliant (specimen fails outside bond area)
Peeling 12316-2 N/cm ≥ 58
Resistance to artificial UV light 1297-5000 h No surface damage or significant changes in cold flexibility as per EN 495/5
Heat aging in area
Change in tensile strength 12311-2 Δ% -5
Change in elongation at break 12311-2 Δ% -5
Reaction to fire 13501-1 Class F
Resistance to algae and microorganisms ISO 846 Level 2 Compliant
Root resistance 13948 Passes the test


(1) Tolerances as per EN 13956 and/or UEAtc Directives.
(*) The values indicated refer to the TPO / FPA membrane without nonwoven polyester fabric backing, except for the values marked with an asterisk (*), that refer to the finished product.
(2) Not tested at lower temperatures.
(3) Not tested at higher speeds


Thickness (*) mm 1,2 1,5 1,8 2,0
Width m 2,10 2,10 2,10 2,10
Length (*) m 25 25 20 20
Standard colour (*) Grey / Black

(*) Different thicknesses, lengths and colours are available on demand and for minimum quantities