Professional non-woven diffusion membrane with adsorption feature

TECHNONICOL ALPHA TOP diffusion membrane is intended for the protection of the thermal insulation layer of pitched roofs and ventilated facade systems from harmful impacts of water, wind and dust. Due to the high vapor permeability, the membrane contributes to the removal of excess moisture from building structures though increasing its service life without repair and cutting down energy costs.

TECHNONICOL ALPHA TOP diffusion membrane is a two-layer material consisting of the non-woven polyester base and a vapor-permeable thermoplastic polyurethane coating. It has the following advantages:

  • Ability to adsorb and retain moisture during periods of high humidity and to remove accumulated moisture in the dry season – suitable for use in regions with large differences in humidity;
  • Thanks to its high strength, the membrane can withstand additional mechanical loads and the weight of a roofer;
  • The marking lines on the top side of the material make installation easier, especially in the zones of overlapping;
  • Anti-glare matt surface ensures roofing work safety;
  • Resistant to molds and bacteria.

Product technical data

Surface density, g/m2 190±5%
Tensile strength L / T, N/50 mm ≥350 / ≥200
Vapor permeability, Sd coefficient, m ≈0.150
Watertightness at 60 kPa for 24 hours Class W1
UV resistance, months ≥6
Length, m 50±5%
Width, m 1.5±1%