Hip & ridge & starter shingles

Hip & ridge & starter shingles produced with SBS-modified bitumen are extremely flexible. These pre-cut shingles can be separated into three smaller pieces for further application on hips and ridges to add the perfect aesthetic finish to your roof. Maximum protection against wind, snow and rain is provided. Available in a wide range of colors to match any chosen roofing color solution.

  • Dimensions: 1 m x 0.25 m.
  • Package: 12 lin. m (hip & ridge) / 20 lin. m (starter strip).


Product technical data

Warranty, years -
Base fiberglass
Type of bitumen SBS
Flow resistance at elevated temperature, °C 100
Thickness, mm 3.4±0.2
Bundle weight, kg 27.5
Weight per sqm, kg/m² 5.5
Coverage per bundle, m² 5.0
12 lin. m (hip & ridge)
or 20 lin. m (starter strip)
Quantity on the pallet, m² 200
Installation method nailing / torching with additional nailing for steep roofs (slope ≥60°)