Foam cleaner TECHNONICOL

Professional polyurethane foam cleaner

Foam cleaner TECHNONICOL is a mixture of an organic solvent with a propellant (displacing gas) emitted from an aerosol can using a spray nozzle or a professional PU foam gun. It provides effective removing of uncured foam from various surfaces and does not leave marks on PVC and other plastics. The foam cleaner does not require additional equipment and is easy to use thanks to the special spray nozzle supplied with the can. Does not contain substances that deplete the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

Foam cleaner TECHNONICOL is used for:

  • removing uncured polyurethane sealing foam from various surfaces including door and window frames, plastics, clothes, etc.;
  • rinsing and cleaning PU foam gun and can valve from the residue of uncured polyurethane sealing foam.

Product technical data

Weight of can, g 370±10
Total percentage of water, % ≤0.2
External appearance, color Colorless transparent composition