SBS-modified bitumen roofing and waterproofing membrane for reducing air pollution

TECHNONICOL ENVIRO AIR is a roofing and waterproofing SBS-modified bitumen membrane with a special feature of air purification from harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx). Hydrophobized slate used as the top protective layer is covered with titanium dioxide (TiO2) and special additives.

Designed for installation as the top layer in double-layer roofing system or as a single-ply polymer-bitumen roofing membrane on buildings and constructions. Can be used for new construction or repair. 

Roofing material TECHNONICOL ENVIRO AIR has the following advantages:

  • Actively influences the reduction of toxic NOx gas in the air;
  • The coating protects the material against the penetration of UV radiation and destruction of bitumen compound;
  • Contributes to the destruction of organic contaminants on the surface (bird droppings, fungus spores, bacteria).

Product technical data

Thickness, mm 4.0±0.10
Mass per unit area, kg/m2 5.0±0.25
Length x width, m 8 x 1
Softening point, °C ≥110
Flexibility at low temperature, °C ≤-25
Flow resistance at elevated temperature, °C ≥100
Elongation L / T, % 50±25 / 50±25
Tensile strength L / T, N/50 mm 700±100 / 500±100
Tear resistance L / T, N 180±30 / 180±30
Reinforcement type polyester
Protective covering type on the top coarse-grained slate with special additives
Protective covering type on the bottom polymer film