Premium Ceramic Roof Tiles by TECHNONICOL

In Russian, the word “КРЫША (KRYSHA)” refers to the “ROOF” or the uppermost overing of the building. “КРЫША” can also be used to describe protection or shelter.

TECHNONICOL brings “KRYSHA TROPICAL collection”, the premium ceramic double glazed roof tiles to meet the roofing requirement of the tropical region. KRYSHA manufactured with the advanced state of art manufacturing facility and crafted with the finest clay from the well known kalion. The double glazed ceramic coated surface ensure the tile to withstand the adverse climatic condition of the tropical region.



  1. Roof Tile
  2. Ridge
  3. Hip Starter
  4. 3 Way

Product technical data

Dimension (LXW), mm
Dimension (LXW), mm 400 x 300 (+/- 0.5mm)
Thickness, mm
Thickness, mm 10mm (+/- 1mm)
Weight, kg
Weight, kg 2.5 kg (+/- 0.1 kg)/piece
Effective coverage, sq.ft.
Effective coverage, sq.ft. 0.93 sq. ft./piece
Tiles/box 9 tiles
Water absorption (%)
Water absorption (%) 3-4%
Compression Strength
Compression Strength 250 kg/cm2
Minimum Slope
Minimum Slope > 20 degree
Coverage of Tiles/m2
Coverage of Tiles/m2 11.4 pcs/m2
Frost Resistance
Frost Resistance Yes
Surface Coating
Surface Coating Ceramic double glazed
Base Material
Base Material Finest white clay