Three-layer translucent reinforced vapor barrier film

TECHNONICOL ALPHA BARRIER 3.0 film is used to create vapor barrier on pitched roofs and walls of frame houses. Can be applied in buildings with dry and normal interior humidity conditions.

TECHNONICOL ALPHA BARRIER 3.0 is a three-layer translucent reinforced polyethylene film with a non-woven underlayer. It has the following advantages:

  • Thanks to its translucent structure, the film allows timely detection and correction of thermal insulation defects and provides visual quality control of performed works and conditions of utilities;
  • The marking lines on the top side of the material make installation easier, especially in the zones of overlapping;
  • Mesh reinforcement and increased surface density ensure the high strength of the film, enabling it to withstand loads of thermal insulation and shrinkage of structural elements;
  • The material demonstrates outstanding elasticity even under temperatures below zero.

Product technical data

Surface density, g/m2 100±5%
Tensile strength L / T, N/50 mm ≥300 / ≥300
Vapor permeability, Sd coefficient, m 20
Watertightness at 60 kPa for 24 hours Class W1
UV resistance, months ≥2
Length, m 50±5%
Width, m 1.5±1%