SBS-modified bitumen roofing and waterproofing membrane for green roof construction

SBS-modified bitumen membrane ULTRAFLEX GREEN is designed for waterproofing of green roofs and underground engineering structures. The material has an additional mechanical protection on top, which makes it resistant to damage caused by roots of plants and ensures reliable waterproofing. Special chemical compound prevents roots penetration, but at the same time does not have a negative effect on plants or the environment.

ULTRAFLEX GREEN can be used both for the construction of green roofs and for foundation waterproofing with additional protection from the roots of plants located nearby.

On the bottom side, the material is covered by a polymer film with special graphic elements, melting of which indicates the proper material heating. On the top side, the material is covered by a thick polymer film.

Green roof reduces energy costs, creates aesthetically attractive landscape and recreational space, increases biodiversity in urban areas and regulates the temperature and humidity in the building and the environment.

Product technical data

Thickness, mm 3.1±0.20
Mass per unit area, kg/m2 4.0±0.25
Length x width, m 10 x 1
Softening point, °C ≥110
Flexibility at low temperature, °C ≤-25
Flow resistance at elevated temperature, °C ≥100
Elongation L / T, % 50±25 / 50±25
Tensile strength L / T, N/50 mm 700±100 / 500±100
Tear resistance L / T, N 180±30 / 180±30
Reinforcement type polyester
Protective covering type on the top thick polymer film
Protective covering type on the bottom polymer film