Waterproofing solution for a foundation with polymer-bitumen membrane and drainage

Waterproofing solution for a foundation with polymer-bitumen membrane and drainage

System composition

  2. ULTRAFLEX SA 7000-X – 2 layers
  3. Self-adhesive fasteners for dimpled membrane
  4. PLANTER geo
  5. Drainage pipe
  6. TECHNONICOL CARBON PROF 300 (optional)
  7. Fillet
  8. Protective sand-cement screed
  9. TECHNONICOL IC-SP 20х10 swelling bar
  10. Blind area


The system is designed for underground waterproofing of buildings with an unexploited basement or technical floor constructed in pits with backfilling in soils with a high groundwater level.


The waterproofing system comprises two layers of self-adhesive non-reinforced SBS-modified bitumen membrane of the new generation ULTRAFLEX SA 7000-X (a variation SW-D with two self-adhesive lateral overlapping strips is recommended for underground works). Thanks to the unique high-performance polymer film, the membrane has an excellent elongation that prevents it from damage caused by movements of the substrate, which is especially important for foundation solutions. The material is also featured with additional radon protection. The membrane is fully adhered to the surface pre-treated with BITUMEN-POLYMER PRIME COATING (can be replaced with the regular BITUMEN PRIME COATING in case of shifting to torch-on polymer-bitumen membranes). For the transverse joints, one should apply double-sided self-adhesive tape NICOBAND DUO. The second layer is installed over the first one with a shift of 30-50 cm.

The wall drainage system made of dimpled HDPE membrane PLANTER geo and drainage pipes effectively removes the atmospheric and ground waters from the basement walls and protects the waterproofing layer from possible damage.

In case the thermal insulation of the socle is required, one may use XPS slabs TECHNONICOL CARBON PROF 300. To seal the concrete joints at the junctions of the slab and the foundation wall, swelling bar TECHNONICOL IC-SP 20х10 is used.