Repairable waterproofing solution for a foundation with PVC membrane and drainage

Repairable waterproofing solution for a foundation with PVC membrane and drainage

System composition

  1. Needle-punched geotextile
  2. TECHNONICOL EC-320-4 waterstop
  4. TECHNONICOL CARBON PROF 300 (optional)
  5. PLANTER geo
  6. Drainage pipe
  7. PVC Band LOGICBASE V-Strip FB glued with TECHNONICOL 2K epoxy glue
  8. Polyethylene film
  9. TECHNONICOL IC-125-2-SP waterstop
  10. Injection flange
  11. Injection hose
  12. Blind area


The system is designed for underground waterproofing of buildings and structures erected in pits with backfilling, in soils with the presence of one or more aquifers of high capacity and hydrostatic pressure.


Repairability is the key feature of this system. It is ensured by dividing the waterproofing layer with TECHNONICOL waterstops into separate sections of up to 150 m2 and an injection system, which consists of injection flanges and hoses leading to these isolated segments. Compartmentalization prevents groundwater spread between the waterproofing layer and the foundation structure in case of damage. The injection system allows repairing the waterproofing by delivering polymeric repair compounds to the damaged section. The repair can be easily done from the inside of the structure at any stage of construction or operation.

The single-ply waterproofing system is based on a premium non-reinforced PVC membrane LOGICBASE V-SL with a special yellow signal layer for prompt and easy quality control of works. The overlaps of the loose laid membrane are welded with hot air using automatic welding equipment to form double seams with a central air channel designed to check their tightness.

Needle-punched geotextile with a surface density of 500 g/m2 is used as a protective and separating layer. On the horizontal part of the foundation, additional protective layers of polyethylene film and sand-cement screed are provided.

The wall drainage system made of dimpled HDPE membrane PLANTER geo and drainage pipes effectively removes the atmospheric and ground waters from the basement walls and protects the waterproofing layer from possible damage.

In case the thermal insulation of the socle is required, one may use XPS slabs TECHNONICOL CARBON PROF 300. To seal the concrete joints at the junctions of the slab and the foundation wall, a special TECHNONICOL IC-125-2-SP waterstop is used.