New product launch: LOGICPIR - thermal insulation board


We are happy to announce a new product launch: LOGICPIR, an innovative thermal insulation board made of PIR (Polyisocyanurate), which is used in flat and pitched roofing systems, basements, floors and facades. Being very rigid and perfectly flat, it is an ideal substrate for roofing materials. It has an incredibly low thermal conductivity value of 0.022 W/m*K.

More than 95% of PIR consists of closed cells that form a rigid, homogeneous structure with high strength. The molecular ring structure of a polymer with strong chemical bonds and a high density of bonds between elements makes it difficult to destroy them. As a result, the material is chemically and thermally more stable.

Thus, LOGICPIR retains all the positive properties of polyurethane thanks to the chemical origin: record low thermal conductivity, low density, excellent compressive strength, vapor and water resistance, durability.

The additional unique characteristics of the material include increased fire resistance. LOGICPIR does not sustain combustion, and also self-damps in the absence of a source of flame. When in contact with an open flame, polymer burns on the surface only. This creates a charcoal skin, which is an effective defence against further polymer damaging.

Roofing systems with thermal insulation boards LOGICPIR help to reach a number of targets both in new construction and in the reconstruction of buildings. LOGICPIR boards allow to perform roof insulation without the additional reinforcement of load-bearing structures, as well as to reduce the costs of transportation and lifting of the material.

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