TECHNONICOL Corporation celebrates its 28th anniversary


Happy birthday, TECHNONICOL!

Today we celebrate our 28th anniversary! We are still young, but already very experienced; we have passed a lot, but even more waits ahead!

Looking back, we thank fate for mistakes and failures, because each of them is a colossal experience. But the loudest and most significant words of gratitude are addressed to our employees. Because the success of TECHNONICOL is a team, united and unique.

Are we afraid of difficulties? Not at all. We prepare for addressing them, but we never retreat; we look for the best solutions and always find them. We believe in luck, but at the same time, we rely on our hard work – persistent, creative.

We know the price of success, we value our victories and believe that an interesting and eventful path lies ahead. We choose the road, on which every day is a discovery. The TECHNONICOL adventure continues!

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