TECHNONICOL India hosts Diwali charity event with Sunanda Foundation (Radhika Old Age Home)


Diwali or Deepavali, also known as the "Festival of Lights", is celebrated by Indians all over the world with great joy and enthusiasm. However, Diwali is not just a festival of lights, it is also a festival to light up someone’s life and show a greater side of humanity.

Therefore, this year TECHNONICOL India has decided to have a Diwali charity event together with Sunanda Foundation (Radhika Old Age Home) – one of the leading NGO that works for senior citizens. It provides social support services, knowledge, life enrichment, shelter, food, advocacy and medical care to the abandoned old age people.

The charity event was successfully held on November 7 in Mumbai. TECHNONICOL India has donated grocery items, COVID-19 safety kits, which are especially important for use by senior citizens, and money to the Foundation and its wards. The event concluded on a good note with a memorable cake cutting ceremony, which was done by guests from old age home.

The team of TECHNONICOL and the organisers from the Foundation were very happy to see the involvement and excitement of the people who attended the event. This proves that every effort matters when they are aimed at a good cause.

We are very grateful to Sunanda Foundation (Radhika Old Age Home) as well as all other NGO that are doing really amazing things by helping those in need. And we believe that this is the true magic of Diwali to inspire and bring light even in difficult times. Let this Diwali be a reason for someone’s smile!

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