Installation of flat roofs with bitumen membranes becomes easier thanks to the new video manual


Polymer-bitumen membranes are one of the most popular waterproofing materials in the world, which is used in a great number of application areas: flat and pitched roofs, foundations and basements, floors, tunnels, roads, flyovers and bridges, etc. Waterproofing solutions with bitumen materials have proven their reliability over the centuries and become an integral part of nowadays construction industry.

One of the main advantages of using the polymer-bitumen membranes for flat roofing is the simplicity of installation and arrangement of different elements, such as junctions and connection to corners, funnels, aerators and other penetrations. The application requires no special skills or expensive equipment and provides durable service life if following simple guidelines. In this video, we will show how to install a double-layer torch-on waterproofing system with polymer-bitumen membranes on a flat roof.

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