Happy Republic Day


On 26th of January 1950, the Constitution of India has come into force and made it the Democratic Republic. All people of our country became equal and free. The government started to be ruled by the candidates, which were selected by the people of India.

Republic means the supreme power of the people living in the country. They are the only public that has the right to elect their representatives as political leaders to develop the country in right direction.

Our great Indian freedom fighters have struggled a lot to get our freedom back. They did so that future generations may live without that struggle and build a happy and fair future together. No one can ever forget their sacrifices for India. On this great occasion, we always remember them and salute them. We’ve got this freedom thanks to them.

Let us make a promise that we will live together in peace and happiness as the people of the same great nation.

Freedom In The Mind,
Strength In The Words,
Pureness In Our Blood,
Pride In Our Souls,
Zeal In Our Hearts,
Let’s Salute Our India On Republic Day.

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