Gallery-catalogue of roofing shingles by TECHNONICOL released


TECHNONICOL India is pleased to announce that the catalogue “Roofing shingles gallery” is now available for download from the website. It could be found under the tab "Advertising materials" of the section "Useful" (refresh of the webpage might be required).

Roofing shingles are a construction material for residential roofing application that is used on roof slopes of 12° or greater. It is the smartest solution for a complex or intricate roof design.

Roofing shingles by TECHNONICOL are available in a wide variety of original patterns and elegant colors. Basalt granules of diverse shades add depth and dimension to shingles texture to get a statement-making roofing. Thanks to weather resistant mineral surface, the color will not fade over time. Our commitment to quality control, best raw materials and up-to-date technology guarantee years of superior performance to customers.

The section "Useful" also contains other important information related to TECHNONICOL Corporation, its' products and their advantages, manuals for installation, transportation and storage of the products, soft copies of advertising materials, videos and testimonials. Check it often not to miss something useful!

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