Multilayer roofing shingles by TECHNONICOL

Multilayer bitumen (asphalt) shingles are currently one of the most popular solutions for the arrangement of the roof. Such roofing is reliable, durable, has a presentable appearance and at the same time is quite affordable. The installation is carried out quickly and does not require the special efforts of professionals.

TECHNONICOL multilayer roofing shingles can apply to any type and complexity of the roof. Thus, TECHNONICOL roofing shingles are used in the construction of cottage buildings, multistory buildings, hotels, sports facilities, house structures, etc.

Descriptions of multilayer roofing shingles by TECNONICOL

The base of TECHNONICOL roofing shingles is fiberglass with two layers of the high-quality bitumen compound. The outer surface of the bitumen shingles is covered with multi-colored hydrophobized basalt granules. The upper layer basalt covering creates confident protection from sunlight and mechanical influences. Each type of roofing shingles on one side has special cutting to create a unique pattern on the finished roof. The multilayer structure of the material is the key to the durability that allows the manufacturer to give a warranty for roofing up to 60 years, depending on the collection.


Collections and color solutions

Multilayer roofing shingles by TECHNONICOL are presented in several collections of three-dimensional patterns and a variety of colors. Depending on the preferences and compliance with home design, one can choose collections CONTINENT, WESTERN, JAZZ or COUNTRY AR.

TECHNONICOL multilayer roofing shingles are created for people who prefer the perfect combination of quality and aesthetic appeal of an architectural solution. Each new layer increases the strength and safety, reliability and durability of the structure.

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