Foundation waterproofing with self-adhesive polymer-bitumen membranes: fast, simple, effective

You cannot save on your home foundation. With a different approach, the construction of a house that should be strong and reliable for many decades becomes just a pointless undertaking. At the same time, the property is often erected with the involvement of free teams and familiar builders. In any case, all participants in the process may have only minimal or universal building skills. That is why at each stage of construction, the applied materials and technologies should be optimal in price, functional in terms of characteristics and, what is very important, understandable and easy to use, that is, they do not require the involvement of sophisticated equipment and special building knowledge.

Foundation waterproofing is a key moment in ensuring the durability of reinforced concrete structures buried in the ground. According to many international building codes, the foundation of a house must work effectively for at least 50 years. The term is quite long: several generations will be born and live in the house during this time. Over the years, the foundation must withstand the constant impact of moisture, especially in regions with a high level of groundwater and storm water, the chemical, biological and zoological influences (including plant roots, rodents). In addition, the foundation must cope with the inevitable small deformations during its entire service life.

Having studied the best world practices, TECHNONICOL experts have developed a line of special self-adhesive non-reinforced polymer-bitumen waterproofing materials for foundations under ULTRAFLEX SA brand (ULTRAFLEX SA 7000-X, ULTRAFLEX SA HDPE, ULTRAFLEX SA NB). These materials are used as a waterproofing membrane for protecting prefabricated and monolithic foundations in soils with various levels of groundwater. Options for integrated system solutions with and without drainage are presented in the corresponding section.

What are the features and advantages of these membranes?

Self-adhesive carrier-less membranes from TECHNONICOL comprise only two layers. The first one – a thick outer film, the type of which differs depending on the product – is used to protect the waterproofing layer from mechanical damage and exposure to a chemically aggressive environment. The second is a self-adhesive polymer-bitumen waterproofing compound covered with an easily removable film that is taken off during material installation on foundation structures.

The absence of a carrier and the high quality of modified bitumen composition significantly increase the flexibility and relative elongation of the material. Thanks to this, a single elastic waterproofing layer is formed, which works together with the structure without being damaged, including in the event of cracks and splits in the foundation. The membranes of the ULTRAFLEX SA series do not require classical torching, that is, the use of special equipment and appropriate professional skills, which speeds up installation three times. The work itself can be carried out both by the owner of the future house (even without being a professional builder!) and by construction teams, whose work will be easy to follow, again, due to the simplicity of the technology.

Installation process

The installation principle for the materials of the ULTRAFLEX SA group is a piece of cake: try on – cut off – attach. Special expensive equipment for self-adhesive waterproofing is also not required. The entire application algorithm fits into five simple steps:

  1. Clean the surface and treat it with BITUMEN-POLYMER PRIME COATING by TECHNONICOL.
  2. Measure the depth of the foundation and cut the material to the required length.
  3. Apply the material from the top down by gradually removing the protective film, unrolling the membrane and smoothing it to the surface.
  4. Install the material to the height of 30-50 cm above the ground level. Longitudinal overlaps should be 100 mm, sheet end overlaps – 150 mm.
  5. Fix the top end of the waterproofing membrane at basement level by profiled metal edge strip and then seal it.

If the groundwater is low, one can install just a single layer of membrane. If the groundwater passes at a depth of two meters and above, two layers of waterproofing are recommended. The material is only 1.5 mm thick, making it easy to close corners, folds and protrusions. Detailed instructions for installing self-adhesive materials are available at the link.

The speed and ease of installation, as well as excellent performance characteristics, make TECHNONICOL self-adhesive non-reinforced membranes an effective solution for building a reliable foundation in any way possible. Subject to simple installation requirements, a foundation with such protection will surely serve more than one generation of households.

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