TECHNONICOL doubled stone wool exports


In November, TECHNONICOL has analyzed the preliminary results of the corporate export program for Mineral wool products. Presently, the company supplies basalt heat insulation to over 40 countries of the world and the volume of exports has surged to 20% of the overall output in this product type.

«Generally speaking, we had a strategic goal to double the export in 2016 from the figure of the previous year, and we coped», comments Irek Allayarov, Director General of the Mineral insulation business unit. «For further development the company must reach a new level. The experience we acquired in foreign markets, including the CIS region, will help us develop preemptively and change the products’ qualitative characteristics in accordance with acting regulations and the ones that are yet to come».

The growth in foreign supplies is due to enhanced output capacities of the company. In summer of 2016, TECHNONICOL launched sites in Rostov-on-Don and Khabarovsk regions with overall production capacity of 2 million m³ of stone wool per year. The total investment volume reached 5.2 bn rur. The acting factories have undergone modernization of equipment according to the schedule. All these factors led to a 10% increase of finished goods production in the first 11 month of 2016 as compared to 2015.

The development of the Mineral insulation business unit in 2016 is focused on new markets of Southeast Asia, China, India. «We have an extremely positive outlook for these states, as they experience economic boom, construction is developing and demand for good quality construction materials is rising. We have already achieved certain advances in Asia. In the PRC, we have won the tender for supplies of basalt thermal insulation to the Shanghai tobacco factory», explains Irek Allayarov.

This autumn the first supply to Canada for the international manufacturer of sandwich panels has taken place. The order has been executed by our new enterprise in the Far East. We plan to amplify the consumption market of the Khabarovsk basalt thermal insulation in Canada and organize regular supplies to this country.

We continue our work in Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Spain, Bulgaria and other European states that have previously shown interest in TECHNONICOL stone wool products. Today, the company exports mineral wool insulation to over 40 countries of the world. In 2016, foreign sales have brought 20% of the total stone wool revenues.

Apart from developing foreign supplies, the Mineral insulation business unit plans to open new production sites in other states. «We strive to build new capacities in significant markets. Our closest investment is a factory in Kazakhstan," concluded Irek Allayarov.

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