Roofing shingles - how it is made? Video details on production


Roofing shingles are the modern and reliable material for pitched roofing that protects the construction from unfavorable weather conditions, thus making it durable. It is a perfectly tailored combination of carefully selected raw materials, advanced technologies and the best equipment available, deep knowledge and dedicated work of many skilled professionals. Only such a mix can result in the product of the top quality that will face the devastating power of nature leaving no chance to leakages through many years to come.

In the new series of videos, we unveil the secrets of the production of roofing shingles by TECHNONICOL. We will show how the disparate components are being processed, modified and merged to form this high-tech roofing material. You will see how several plants, hundreds of people and dozens of high-precision machines and mechanisms work towards the only goal: your ideal roofing.

All three parts of the video are available on our official YouTube channel as well as in the section "Useful" of the website. Enjoy watching!

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