New product launch: TECHNONICOL SOUNDSTOP SUPER - impact noise insulation membrane


As the quality of life constantly improves, more and more devices and mechanisms are occupying our lives and homes. Which means that the number of noise sources inside the building is inevitably increasing. Superactivity of the neighbours from the upper floor also increases the risk of sound leakage through the floor slabs. Namely, the impact noise is the most annoying and unpleasant, while reinforced concrete slabs have no noise-damping properties. Therefore, an urge to live a peaceful and quiet life encourages us to search for new sound insulation materials and means.

TECHNONICOL Corporation has developed the new material to reduce negative effects of an impact noise and maximise the comfort of residents - TECHNONICOL SOUNDSTOP SUPER. It is used indoors for the construction of soundproofing and waterproofing layer in systems of "floating" flooring, heated flooring, flooring with lags and interior partitions. Special non-woven fabric on the bottom side of the membrane grants effective soundproofing properties to the material, while aluminized film on the top side helps to reduce the influence of electromagnetic fields.

TECHNONICOL SOUNDSTOP SUPER is easy to install as it requires no special equipment or skills - all joints and overlaps are sealed with NICOBAND self-adhesive sealant tape. The material has the high index of impact noise reduction, while the small total thickness of the membrane allows retaining the same height of the flooring.

This simple, but highly effective solution was designed to reduce stress factors in people's lives and maintain the peace in their homes and minds.

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