New product launch: EASYROOFING - decorative roofing membrane


We are glad to announce a new product launch: EASYROOFING, a special decorative roofing membrane, which will not only enrich the roof with an elegant finishing touch, but will also protect the internal premises from leakages and reduce the noise of rain. The material is represented in 3 patterns and variety of colors to blend perfectly with different architectural surroundings.

APP modified bitumen decorative roofing and waterproofing membrane EASYROOFING is designed for torch-on installation as the top layer in double-layer systems of pitched and flat roofs. Can also be used as a single-layer roof covering in roofing systems with a solid non-flammable base. The material is applicable at roof slopes of 1° to 60°.

Colored basalt granules do not fade under the influence of the sun and are not washed off by the rain providing nice aesthetic appearance and reliable protection of bitumen compound from ultraviolet for the full service life of at least 25 years.

A specially formulated polymer-bitumen binder with enhanced flow resistance properties allows using EASYROOFING in a very hot climate. The material was designed for easy and comfortable torch-on application.

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