LEED experts confirm the environmental friendliness of stone wool by TECHNONICOL


TECHNONICOL Corporation received an expert opinion confirming the compliance of the mineral insulation produced by the company's plants with the criteria of the LEED international environmental certificate.

LEED (The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a rating system for certification of buildings, allowing to assess their impact on ecology and environment. A number of requirements are imposed on buildings applying for a LEED certificate, including environmental friendliness of the construction site, energy efficiency and reduction of impact on the atmosphere, indoor environment quality, environmental safety of building materials, etc. Using materials that have the LEED expert opinion, a developer can get additional points when certifying the building according to the LEED system.

According to LEED requirements, building materials, first of all, should contribute to a reduction of 10% in energy consumption for new buildings and 5% for reconstructed ones. A significant option is the possibility of reusing waste generated during installation. The distance from the place of raw materials extraction to the place of production (ideally not higher than 800 km) and methods of transportation are also taken into account.

The LEED experts tested TECHNONICOL stone wool against key requirements of the environmental certification system. "Our product has received the highest estimate: experts confirmed that the use of TECHNONICOL mineral insulation can significantly reduce the thermal conductivity of the structure, thereby contributing to the energy efficiency of an entire building. The possibility of recycling waste after the installation was also mentioned. Our plants are able to accept and process 100% of mineral wool that was not used in the construction. In addition, TECHNONICOL basalt fiber provides a comfortable temperature and humidity indoors, which is an important criterion for evaluating by LEED certification system," comments Elena Kuznetsova, Marketing Director of Mineral Insulation Department.

The LEED certification system is becoming more and more popular every year in Asia as well as in other countries. The presence of this certificate is often a formal condition for the participation of materials in the tender for facilities design and construction in many regions.

"An expert opinion on the compliance of our materials with LEED criteria will allow us to strengthen our position in the markets, where increased attention is paid to environmental friendliness and safety of materials throughout their life cycle. This will become one of the tools for developing and increasing the number of consumers among developers in these regions," says Vasily Tkachev, Head of Mineral Insulation Department of TECHNONICOL Corporation.

Technical conclusion on compliance of TECHNONICOL stone wool to LEED standard could be downloaded here.

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