5 Year Anniversary of TECHNONICOL India


On 21st of January 2015 TECHNONICOL Corporation has established its’ branch in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Five years of business was the time of intense professional activity, positive initiatives and exciting projects, all of which was accomplished together with our highly valued talents and with deep respect to our partners. That brought us there we are now, and TECHNONICOL India is recognized today as a large and important player in roofing, waterproofing and thermal insulation industry having a pan-India presence.

Currently, TECHNONICOL India employs many enthusiastic and qualified experts all around the country. We are proud of our active team full of creativity, personal drive, innovative ideas and determination to their work. We truly appreciate the loyalty of our personnel; therefore, we are especially grateful to those colleagues who helped to build up the company in recent years of dynamic evolution. We would like to thank all employees who continue to work as one and put their best efforts in making TECHNONICOL India a well-known and trusted partner for the most important projects and the community in general.

Our success depends on the success of our clients. Thus, we hope that our professional insight and dedication contributes to our clients’ development and to the aim of building a sustainable society as well. We are positive that when our partners grow stronger, so do we. Therefore, we take this opportunity to thank all our clients for including TECHNONICOL India in their business story for the past five years. We look forward to successful cooperation in the future!

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