PVC membrane LOGICBASE V-SL has been certified in India


PVC membrane LOGICBASE V-SL designed for underground waterproofing has confirmed its premium quality by obtaining the certificate of Spectro laboratory in New Delhi.

Waterproofing materials used on such responsible objects as tunnels, metro and foundations should provide reliable protection from negative impacts of an aggressive environment. Their high quality must be trusted by customers around the world. Therefore, TECHNONICOL constantly conducts tests of its products in authoritative international institutes.

On the previous week, PVC membrane LOGICBASE V-SL has been certified by independent laboratory Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd in New Delhi. This is an internationally recognized organization and leading test house for various building materials in India, which was founded more than 20 years ago.

Testing of LOGICBASE V-SL membrane intended for underground waterproofing took more than 2 months and included a whole range of different parameters examination, such as tear resistance, weld strength, resistance to acids and alkalis, and a number of others. Experts have concluded that the material corresponds to the highest Indian and world standards. It was proved that it is one of the best materials for underground waterproofing and can be successfully applied on construction of the most complex engineering structures in India.

Test reports and other documents could be downloaded here.

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