LOGICROOF PVC membranes have been certified in the UK


LOGICROOF PVC membranes received the British Board of Agreement (BBA) approval. The British Board of Agreement is one of the UK’s leading notified bodies offering approval, certification and test services to manufacturers of products and systems supplying the construction industry. The organization was founded in 1996 by the government of Great Britain. BBA approval is recognised by building control, government departments, architects, local authorities, specifiers, and industry insurers.

TECHNONICOL products are in high demand all around the globe. The company supplies solutions and materials to 95 countries. TECHNONICOL Corporation pays great attention to the conformity of the products to advanced European and world standards.

The BBA certificate confirms the compliance of the LOGICROOF PVC membranes to the strictest standards of the UK. For more than two years, experts from BBA have studied the quality of LOGICROOF membranes in the widest range of parameters: weather resistance, fire safety, durability, wind resistance and a number of others.

Besides, BBA experts conducted a comprehensive assessment of the production, analyzed the application of the materials. As a result, BBA experts recommend the use of LOGICROOF membranes in glue, ballast and mechanical fastening systems. In addition, a separate conclusion was received, confirming the high quality of the membranes in the green roofs.

"The BBA certificate not only confirms the compliance of the LOGICROOF PVC membranes to the UK standards. It opens up wide opportunities for the development on the markets of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. BBA Approval Certificates are recognized in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, in India and China. Only the well-coordinated work of all team members, strict internal standards and quality control of the products allowed us to enter a new stage. We hope that "made in TECHNONICOL" will be a symbol of excellent quality for our clients everywhere in the world," said Evgeniy Spiryakov, the operating director of the Polymeric Membranes and PIR division of TECHNONICOL Corporation.

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